The profile of Takuo Toda
President of Origami paper airplane association Japan

Takuo Toda

Takuo Toda was born in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima, Japan in 1956.
He was a runner of long distance race in elementary and junior high school.
In high school, he played Kendo(Japanese art of fencing) because he was impressed with TV soap "I'm a man"and fencer of the 2nd grade.
He entered the Faculty of Science of Gakushu-in University, but dropped out one year later. And moved into the Faculty of Science of Waseda University.
He had belonged to the mountaineering club and been caught up in mountaineering. But He got sick and made him to start folding paper airplane.
He dropped out the University under unavoidable circumstances in the 3rd grade and then entered a company of precision casting which his father manages
He had recovered in working days little by little and became well enough to clime mountain.
Now he is the president of the company "CASTEM Corporation". Website@

CASTEM manufactured metal parts including them of airplanes by precision casting, on the other hand he is struggling to disseminate Origami paper airplane "ORIPLANE"

Establishes Origami paper airplane association Japan
Mar. 2001 Opend Paper airplane museum.