Thank you for many support messages for the
success of the experiment.
Here are some of the messages.
Please let me introduce part here.

Names and some of its contents are omitted here.

President Todafs energetic attitude inspired me.
Ifm looking forward that your new attempt will be recognized by the world and achieve some results.

I saw your project on TV. Your dream seems to come true.
It is really like a dream if a paper airplane launched in the space landed on the earth.
I hope the success of the project.

Ifm looking forward to see the mission completed..

The space-shuttle-shaped paper airplane was cool!
Ifm very excited like a child watching it on TV. It gave me courage.

It was real fun to see you on TV.
Ifm looking forward to see your further success.

I think you are giving dreams to children all over the world as much as Doraemon is.
You must succeed!

The news of launching paper airplane from the space was a refreshing news among all the recent dark news.
It even inspired people not into science.

I saw a large article of your project in newspaper. You are finally making your dream come true.
I wonder how it goes if a paper airplane is launched in the space to the earth.
I support your activities giving dream to children.

Ifm concerned about recent depression of curiosity about science of young Japanese students.
I hope this success of the experiment will do something about it.

I was surprised because the paper airplane was only dented, even though people had wondered if it would be burnt or not. Paper airplane flying with generating shock wave really excites our imagination.

Congratulations on the success of the experiment.
The result was great! I canft wait autumn comes.

I talked with my children about the project.
We want the paper airplane launched from the space to land on our house. Ifm looking forward to it.

It is great that youfre making your words and dreams come true.
You even involved Japanese highest educational institution in your project.
It made me realize how wonderful it is to keep having visions.

It was great to see you heading for your dream steadily.
Ifm looking forward to see more of your work. 

The news was a relief. Ifll keep a close eye on it.

Your dream project has finally started.
You made me realize that the dream will become a target, and it will come true if you seriously work hard on it.

Thank you very much for your messages.
We appreciate your continuing support for our activities.

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